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Information about RFI Hausa
Lagos, Nigeria

RFI Hausa

RFI Hausa is owned by Radio France International as part of its efforts to keep the local communities in Africa informed in the Hausa language. Hausa. Hausa is a language native to Africa and spoken by over 80 million people all over the world.

History of radio RFI Hausa

RFI Hausa started to broadcast on M1y 21, 2007 and has since won the heart of listeners. This was the first time a world-recognized radio station will introduce an indigenous language in its programs. RFI Hausa broadcast their programs directly from the Voice of Nigeria News Room in Lagos. The program which lasts for two hours daily is broadcasted in the morning and evening.

The radio station has a wide coverage to Niger, Cameroon and Chad Republic. The aim of establishing this radio station is to present programs as well as expertise in covering global and regional news.

Programs and the hosts

RFI Hausa broadcast eleven (11) important programs with each having its unique presenter. The programs include culture and tradition (Al'adun Gargajiya) anchored by Nura Ado Suleiman, movie and entertainment (Dandalin Fasahar Finai finai) anchored by Abdoulaye Issa and sports (wassani) anchored by Abdoulaye Issa. RFI Hausa is always heard broadcasting the news in the early hours of the day (usually around 6;30 am -7 am) to keep the local communities abreast of world happenings.

Listening to RFI Hausa

RFI Hausa can be caught on 96.2 meter FM spectrum in cities like Niamey, Maradi, Zinder and Tahoua. Other parts of the world can tune their radio to 19 or 41 meters short to listen to the programs on this radio. The radio offers an online streaming option through its website and social media channels.

Social Media

RFI Hausa is active on social media with accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. It has over 100 thousand followers on Twitter  (@RFI_Ha), over 639 thousand followers on Facebook (@Rfisashenhausa) and over 390 thousand follower on Instagram (@rfi) and just a little above one thousand subscribers on YouTube


RFI Hausa’s website is one of the most significant tools of its existence. The red-themed website features important links to programs, and online streaming links to keep you informed even regardless of your location. The program is updated every minute with the latest information nicely placed under their categories with the right caption and content.

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