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FREEDOM FM is an indigenous radio station located in the northern part of Nigeria. Its programs are mostly based in the traditional Hausa Language which is the predominant language in northern Nigeria. Freedom FM delivers quality broadcasting services to all the Hausa speaking people of Nigeria.

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Information about Freedom Radio
Kano, Nigeria
Programs and SpeakersBarka Da Hantsi, In Da Ranka, Dunyar Wasanni (Sports Update).

Freedom Radio

FREEDOM FM is a Nigerian based radio broadcasting station located in Kano. It was established in 2003. The radio station was established to meet the needs of the Hausa speaking populace of Northern Nigeria. They are the first independent radio station to be established in Northern Nigeria.

All programs, ranging from news to different talk shows are presented in fluent Hausa Language. The station which is known as the voice of the people is run by Film Laboratory and Production Services Limited.

The vision of the station is clearly symbolized in its parrot logo. It aims to give voice to the voiceless by creating a platform for the people to air their views, and to provide the people with quality informative, entertaining and educative content. The station is chaired by Alhaji Ado Mohammed.

Shows and Presenters

The radio station offers quality programs to the public through the aid of its professionally trained, and ever passionate presenters. Some of these presenters include names such as Abdullatif Abdullahi Jos and Maimuna Yusuf who hosts a children educational show.

How to Listen

It is pretty easy to listen to the station if you are based in Kano. All you have to do is tune your receiver to the right frequency (99.5fm)

To listen on the internet, all you have to do is log on to the stations official site,

Social media

You can follow freedom FM on the social media to continue interactions, and to keep abreast if you are a social media stickler. You can follow them on Facebook (297,000 followers), and on Twitter (46,500 followers) to get good news updates in the social media.


You can equally get access to all of the information and news that you need on the official website of the radio station

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